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Drawing – Chibi Batman

I’ve spent the last month doing some drawing in between playing Dave Gaffams sanctuary game (which I’m really enjoying). I decided to colour one of my doodles as I wanted to get some practice cleaning up line work and shading using the cell shading technique.

One of my drawings was a Chibi Batman, nothing to special and as you can see below I still have issues with proportions and angles, my Batman is also very skinny. I used a couple of other pictures from around the internet as inspiration. I’d credit back to the other artists but I’m afraid my google-fu must be lacking today as I can’t locate the images again even using the same search.

Handly my black pen stopped working so I couldn’t outline the above on the page but instead had to manually trace over all the lines in Inkscape. While doing the tracing I fixed a few minor mistakes, like his left leg/bum and lack of outside underwear :).

Next up I tried out some simple colour schemes settling on the blue/grey more 1960’s colour scheme rather than the more modern black/grey schemes used in the past couple of decades, basically the blue/grey just looked more interesting on the page.

Lastly I  cell shaded the image with some degree of  success. I still don’t fully understand how to use it as shading method but I think I’m getting there

I uploaded all 3 versions as svg below, as per usual you’ll need to right click “save as” and change the extension from .odt to .svg after you have downloaded them. Maybe one day WordPress will allow direct svg upload…. anyways enjoy :).

Batman Chibi linework

Batman Chibi Solid Coloured

Batman Chibi Cell Shaded

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