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Pirate Bear – Photo Explosion

I’ve been pretty tied up working on some new paper miniatures, but I wont have them done until sometime in mid to late Jan. For Xmas I have put together a photo explosion scene of some of my pirate bear miniatures for my nephew.

I created an image in Inkscape using my pirate bears, drawing some new elements and buying some (The chest is from the Openclipart library and the ship is a commercial piece of clipart I bought). I then used the templates available at this site to create the individual 6×4 images. I did alter the template slightly as the standard template has a 10mm gap between each photo and it looked to wide so I lowered it to a 5mm gap. Then I just followed the tutorial from the above link and exported the 9 images. I didn’t print the photo’s myself as it’s cheaper to get them done at your local officeworks or large department store, cost me all of 90 cents (AUD).

Last step was to create a frame to mount the individual pictures to (reverse side pictured above). While I was in officerworks I noticed they had a pvc foamboard product, it’s extremely tough compared to regular foamboard but can still be cut with a craft knife and steel ruler(2-3 passes with a craft knife). So I simply cut out 9 small 6×4 rectangles and glued these together using a 25mm strip of the same pvc foamboard super glued to the back. Lastly I used double sided tape to stick the pictures to the frame.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out although I’m not sure the picture works that well with the photo explosion layout, I think a simpler or more abstract picture would work better. However I don’t think my nephew will mind.

Hope everyone has Great Xmas and an Excellent New Year 🙂

Magnetic Corflute Lightbox (Prototype)

My old cardboard box lightbox didn’t survive the big cleanup and was looking the worse for wear. I originally made it following the directions here, although a really good a cheap idea it does have it’s draw backs;

  • Hard to store
  • The sides are very fragile and after a few replacements the tape builds up
  • If it gets damp/wet while outside the cardboard starts to disintegrate

So I had a thought to make a collapsible lightbox using magnets and corflute (the stuff house for sale signs are normally made of, plastic corrugated cardboard). It also meant I could build a slightly bigger box and have it semi damp proof and easy to store. The idea was to laminate the two pieces of cor-flute together for each side with tape and have a layer of baking paper/tissue paper between the layers. Then use magnets and nails to hold the whole thing together.

Started of with some white and blue cor-flute I had left over from another project (3mm stuff) and cut out 10 squares 15inchs x 15inchs ( I didn’t quiet have enough white and had to use two smaller pieces to cover the bottom):

After cutting out all the squares it was time to cut the middles out I left a border of 1.5inchs around the outside and then cut the middles out off 2 of the blue pieces and 4 of the white (yes oops 🙂 ).

Next up was to tape a piece of baking paper across the square hole, I did a piece of tape at each corner and piece halfway along. Then a taped the white and blue pieces together by taping each of the long sides together. I oriented each piece of cor-flute so the flutes ran at 90 degrees to each other for added strength:

Once I had the top, back and bottom built it was time to try and fit it all together. Down 2 rows of flutes on each wall I pushed some nails (big ones), then using some magnets I had laying around I held the whole thing together:

Hmm, it worked and it wont fall apart if I bump it while putting things in and out but I definitely need some slightly stronger magnets. I’d say at a guess about twice the size or twice the strength or a little of both. It takes about 1-2mins to assemble and a little longer to pull apart, I’ll keep my eye’s open for some cheap stronger magnets and try those in the future for now I’ll call this a prototype and work on it again once I source those magnets.

Anyways I’ll go back to working on the dragonfly now ;).

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