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Drawing – Chibi Batman

I’ve spent the last month doing some drawing in between playing Dave Gaffams sanctuary game (which I’m really enjoying). I decided to colour one of my doodles as I wanted to get some practice cleaning up line work and shading using the cell shading technique.

One of my drawings was a Chibi Batman, nothing to special and as you can see below I still have issues with proportions and angles, my Batman is also very skinny. I used a couple of other pictures from around the internet as inspiration. I’d credit back to the other artists but I’m afraid my google-fu must be lacking today as I can’t locate the images again even using the same search.

Handly my black pen stopped working so I couldn’t outline the above on the page but instead had to manually trace over all the lines in Inkscape. While doing the tracing I fixed a few minor mistakes, like his left leg/bum and lack of outside underwear :).

Next up I tried out some simple colour schemes settling on the blue/grey more 1960’s colour scheme rather than the more modern black/grey schemes used in the past couple of decades, basically the blue/grey just looked more interesting on the page.

Lastly I  cell shaded the image with some degree of  success. I still don’t fully understand how to use it as shading method but I think I’m getting there

I uploaded all 3 versions as svg below, as per usual you’ll need to right click “save as” and change the extension from .odt to .svg after you have downloaded them. Maybe one day WordPress will allow direct svg upload…. anyways enjoy :).

Batman Chibi linework

Batman Chibi Solid Coloured

Batman Chibi Cell Shaded

Pirate Bear – Photo Explosion

I’ve been pretty tied up working on some new paper miniatures, but I wont have them done until sometime in mid to late Jan. For Xmas I have put together a photo explosion scene of some of my pirate bear miniatures for my nephew.

I created an image in Inkscape using my pirate bears, drawing some new elements and buying some (The chest is from the Openclipart library and the ship is a commercial piece of clipart I bought). I then used the templates available at this site to create the individual 6×4 images. I did alter the template slightly as the standard template has a 10mm gap between each photo and it looked to wide so I lowered it to a 5mm gap. Then I just followed the tutorial from the above link and exported the 9 images. I didn’t print the photo’s myself as it’s cheaper to get them done at your local officeworks or large department store, cost me all of 90 cents (AUD).

Last step was to create a frame to mount the individual pictures to (reverse side pictured above). While I was in officerworks I noticed they had a pvc foamboard product, it’s extremely tough compared to regular foamboard but can still be cut with a craft knife and steel ruler(2-3 passes with a craft knife). So I simply cut out 9 small 6×4 rectangles and glued these together using a 25mm strip of the same pvc foamboard super glued to the back. Lastly I used double sided tape to stick the pictures to the frame.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out although I’m not sure the picture works that well with the photo explosion layout, I think a simpler or more abstract picture would work better. However I don’t think my nephew will mind.

Hope everyone has Great Xmas and an Excellent New Year 🙂

Drawing – An Update

It’s been 4 months since I released any kind of paper miniature, of course christmas, mmorpg’s and work haven’t helped the situation any. I was also feeling quiet a bit burned out and a little bummed out. I suspect this was how the MMORPG managed to grab me and suck me back in like some form of evil sucubbus. I did over Xmas and through some of Jan manage to get some drawing done. I’ve latched onto Ben Caldwells line of books, the two I’ve managed to find are Action Cartooning and Fantasy Cartooning. I’m firmly wedged into the fantasy mindset at the moment so I’m finding the Fantasy Cartooning a better guide/read.

First up I tried drawing some heads as they tend to be one of the things I find harder to draw. Here’s a small selection of the heads I drew, these ones I outlined with a thick black marker, but I drew them on plain notepad paper:

I was pretty happy with how the above came out so I tried my hand at goblin/monkey. In the book he’s a monkey but I changed him around a little so he gained more of a goblin look. I didn’t bother to outline him just the rough pencil drawing:

I was pretty happy with how they were turning out so I decided to try my hand at drawing a couple of NPC hero’s that I could submit to January’s Cardboard warriors forum hoard.

First up I tried a peasant hero, he hopefully has that slightly young but heroic look to him, I contemplated making him barefoot but stuck with boots in the end. The below shows him traced and ready for colouring in Inkscape:

Next up I tried a more grizzled veteran/Sargent, I wanted this guy to look tougher and older someone who’s seen to many battles and someone would think twice before crossing swords…well axes with him:

Next stage was to draw the reverse sides of the above two and give them some colour. I decided to give the grizzled veteran a scar across one eye, but the remaining colouring was pretty standard and I managed to pull it all off in Inkscape although with some difficulty:


I’m very happy with how they look coloured even if they are fairly simple equipment wise. I gave the peasant hero the heraldric device for one of my kingdoms on Etena, but I’ll probably re-draw the unicorn into a more cartoon form.  The above two will be available in January’s forum hoard and then once thats released I’ll do a special page of gift mimics and the above two for my paper miniature page here sometime in the near future.

They remind me a little of Disney cartoon characters but I like the look. I’m going to try drawing some more over the next few months and maybe a few monsters. Thoughts and comments on the style are more than welcome.

Drawing – Practice

It’s been a while since my last post. I have not been too slack, I’m slowly working on my new mayhem layout in TLX from WWG but I seriously underestimated the amount of work required to build a 4×5 table of parts, which means it’s hard to stay motivated. This post is to show some of my doodles that I’ve been doing to practice drawing, I’d hardly call myself a pro drawer (or even gifted amature) but what I do seems to create reasonable mini’s if I post process them in inkscape a lot. You can see how my Dragon started and then turned out here.

Lately I’ve been very taken with Chuck Whelons style/work, but I’ve also developed a fascination with the artwork from the game Torchlight. The two styles are about as far about as you can get. It’d be nice if you could just download a style of drawing into your head like they do for martial arts on the matrix, but alas I’ll just have to practice.

Here are some of my doodles none of these took me longer than 1-2 minutes to do so there not exactly the 3 day master piece. I figure any practice is better than no practice so I fit in drawing when and where I can. I seem to have less problems drawing solid geometric shapes and architectural type stuff, organics still cause me heaps of problems and heads/faces/hair are a nightmare. On with the embarrassing pictures:

You might wonder why I post these horrifically badly drawn doodles up, I’m hoping over time to see an improvement in my drawing and by cataloguing a bunch of doodles every now and then I get a sort of snap shot in time.

I would encourage anyone who can draw reasonably and has an interest in paper mini’s to give it a shot at making some, after all if you can draw imagine the nice mini’s you could produce.

I’ll continue with my TLX WWG building.

Drawing Practice – Darth Vader + Stormtrooper

I have been a little disappointed with my progress in improving my drawing ability, on good days I can draw something I’m pretty happy with on a bad day it’s very frustrating. I suspect some of it has to do with fighting my natural style inclination. I seem to naturally lean towards a more cartoon style were as I would rather draw in a more manga/comic book style.

To try and help myself a long I’m going to do more drawing in the style I seem to bend towards and then once I’m comfortable there move myself towards the style I’d like to draw in. I’ve started off by going back to the basics of following other people’s tutorials etc, for the moment I’m going to follow the tutorials at how to draw cartoons and once I’m comfortable do some of my own drawings in that style. Anyways one of the first tut’s I followed was the one on Darth Vader.  Here he is all lined up:

Yes he does look very similar to the tutorial Darth Vader, but I did draw him up from scratch following each of the steps as outlined here. I did all the drawing in Inkscape as I seem to be most comfortable drawing on computer. The ability to subtly adjust and bend lines seems to really help me out. I coloured him up in Inkscape as well ending up with the below:

I’ve drawn a few others following the tut’s available on the site but Darth is the most accurate so far. If I can get motivated enough I’m going to try doing a storm trooper in a similar style using the same sort of theories. In case anyone wants him here he is as SVG file, you’ll need to download it and rename the extension to .svg instead of .odt.

Darth Vader

Didn’t think I was going to get a Stormtrooper finished as quickly as I have, using the techniques above I drew up a Stormtrooper to go with Darth Vader. I’m pretty happy with how he turned out and he definitely fits the same style:

The SVG file is available below, you’ll need to rename it to .svg after downloading as with Vader above:


I’ll keep practicing as I really want to improve the standard of my paper miniatures, I really got very lucky with fox army.

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