Drawing Practice – Darth Vader + Stormtrooper

I have been a little disappointed with my progress in improving my drawing ability, on good days I can draw something I’m pretty happy with on a bad day it’s very frustrating. I suspect some of it has to do with fighting my natural style inclination. I seem to naturally lean towards a more cartoon style were as I would rather draw in a more manga/comic book style.

To try and help myself a long I’m going to do more drawing in the style I seem to bend towards and then once I’m comfortable there move myself towards the style I’d like to draw in. I’ve started off by going back to the basics of following other people’s tutorials etc, for the moment I’m going to follow the tutorials at how to draw cartoons and once I’m comfortable do some of my own drawings in that style. Anyways one of the first tut’s I followed was the one on Darth Vader.  Here he is all lined up:

Yes he does look very similar to the tutorial Darth Vader, but I did draw him up from scratch following each of the steps as outlined here. I did all the drawing in Inkscape as I seem to be most comfortable drawing on computer. The ability to subtly adjust and bend lines seems to really help me out. I coloured him up in Inkscape as well ending up with the below:

I’ve drawn a few others following the tut’s available on the site but Darth is the most accurate so far. If I can get motivated enough I’m going to try doing a storm trooper in a similar style using the same sort of theories. In case anyone wants him here he is as SVG file, you’ll need to download it and rename the extension to .svg instead of .odt.

Darth Vader

Didn’t think I was going to get a Stormtrooper finished as quickly as I have, using the techniques above I drew up a Stormtrooper to go with Darth Vader. I’m pretty happy with how he turned out and he definitely fits the same style:

The SVG file is available below, you’ll need to rename it to .svg after downloading as with Vader above:


I’ll keep practicing as I really want to improve the standard of my paper miniatures, I really got very lucky with fox army.

5 Responses to “Drawing Practice – Darth Vader + Stormtrooper”

  1. 1 sue October 5, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    Thank you so much!! I needed both Darth Vader and a Storm trooper to decorate something for my g’son (3 years old and loves Star Wars). Your work is fantastic.

  2. 3 Nicole Moss October 28, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    Hi there,
    I”m wondering if you have a similiar style drawing of C3po or chewbacca? I’ve used your darth and storm trooper for some bunting for a birthday party and would love some more characters, Yoda perhaps?

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