Expansion One Fox Army – Paper Standee

I decided to finish up some of the paper fox army standees (Original post here) I had been working on before Annette’s back relapsed badly. I finished up the Pteranodon flyers, Paladins and Clerics. I still have other troop types to finish up but decided to post these up so I feel like I’m getting through the troop types.

First up are the Fox pteranodon riders or the aerial hero’s although these could also be used as just a plain flying unit. I’m not sure I quiet made the stands tall enough but they should be okay for gaming. I did a blue and red versions of the flyers with two slightly different fox poses for the riders. There are four in total and unfortunately I could only fit one flyer to a page. I also included an optional banner post that can be glued on if you need:

Next up are the Paladins and Clerics. The clerics are in plainer gear than the paladins and are wielding hammers or maces I did both a male and female version. The paladins are in nice shiny white armour and are again in male and female version, equipped just with swords:

The files are below, with the gsd files you’ll need to download them and change the file extension to .gsd:

Fox Paladin and Cleric – PDF Fox Cleric and Paladin – GSD

Fox Pteranodon Rider Red One – PDF Fox Pteranodon Rider Red One – GSD

Fox Pteranodon Rider Red Two – PDF Fox Pteranodon Rider Red Two – GSD

Fox Pteranodon Rider Blue One – PDF Fox Pteranodon Rider Blue One – GSD

Fox Pteranodon Rider Blue Two – PDF Fox Pteranodon Rider Blue Two – GSD

I’ve also put a zip together thats up on 4shared, assuming I’ve logged in recently you can grab them all from their. If not grab them individually above.

Fox Army – Expansion one

I plan on making a static paper projects page but that’ll have to wait until later for now back to my other projects šŸ™‚

3 Responses to “Expansion One Fox Army – Paper Standee”

  1. 1 squirmydad March 27, 2022 at 2:09 am

    Greetings Rob, can I add this expansion to the Downloads section at onemonk.com? Thanks – Eric

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