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Turtle Clan – Paper Miniatures

I’veย  finished the Turtle Clan, which means I can sort of play through to the end of scenario 10 in Song of Fur and buttons, I really need to get those picnic bears done.ย  I havenโ€™t added any extra troop types this time although there is an extra musician. I haven’t designed any flags but I might add a flag or two later on.

On with the show as they say, here are the pictures of the Turtle/Terrapins:

Turtle Command with Musicians


Terrapin Spears


Turtle Rifle


Turtle Bow

Turtle Snipers


Turtle Giants


Turtle War Anklyosaur

The files are below, you will need to rename the GSD files after you download them from .odt to .gsd(feel free to grab some bases from Onemonks site):

Turtle Clan Page 1 – PDF

Turtle Clan Page 1 – GSD

Turtle Clan Page 2 – PDF

Turtle Clan Page 2 – GSD

Turtle Clan Page 3 – PDF

Turtle Clan Page 3 – GSD

I’m going to be taking a little bit of a break from creating miniatures for fur and buttons as I need to get some terrain built. At the moment I have no gaming board to play Fur and Buttons on :). I will be coming back to these miniatures it just maybe 3-4 weeks before I get a chance to work on them again :).

WorldWorksGames Ruined Keep (Custom) – Papercraft Build

I’ve spent the past 4 -5 days working on some Worldworksgames terrain. Primarily I’m working on a largish Tlinx Hinterland (pending release)and Mayhem city layout. I will make separate posts for both those builds. To go with the Hinterland (out door type terrain) I wanted some drop down tiles. Pieces of terrain that stand independent of the surrounding game board which can be used with my Hinterland table or if we need can be scattered onto a more conventional tabletop. I’ve also converted Tlinx to use magnets but I’ll detail that more in it’s own post later on.

This is my first standalone tile a small ruined keep, which has turned out to be significant amount of work, a lot more than I originally intended (hence the lack of turtle miniatures ๐Ÿ™‚ ). The additional work was mostly caused by the fact I had to convert Castleworks ultimate (CWU) to the Tlinx format or at least those bits I wanted to use.

First up I cut a base out of depron (straight foam), using my hotwire cutter to this I added some sloped/beveled edges to give the appearance of the ruin sitting on a slight rise. Once the foam was cut I inlaid some metal mount points into the tile and then covered the tile edges in hinterland grass texture. For the top of the base piece I created a custom graphic which combined elements of Castleworks Ultimate and Hinterland. The two texture types fit together very well which is a credit to the quality of work the WWG crew put out:

Depron Base with mounts inserted

(Yes those are old craftknife ends ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Base Ready to Go

Next I started converting CWU textures to the Tlinx layout, I had to do walls, mounting posts and create a custom 1st floor destroyed/damage tile. I ended up creating a few other custom parts such as a “3 inch through wall” it hooks through the mid sized post and pokes out the other side to create a more solid destroyed wall effect. I also bashed some parts using Streets Of Legend-Destroyed as a guide but replacing the textures with CWU. Below you can see all the parts laid out and the through walls:

Through Walls


Laid out ready for assembly

The above may not look like a lot of work, but it took a fair amount of time to create those pieces. The good thing about Tlinx is it’s very flexible and with the parts I’ve created I could easily build a none destroyed keep. The downside is it’s very flexible so when you want to change elements or use different textures you have to convert a minimum number of parts so whether it’s one building or 10 the workloads about the same. Still I’m going to do a second stand alone outpost but undamaged and I wont need to bash any parts (okay maybe 1-2) so it’ll be much quicker. Here’s some pictures of the keep from 4 angles fully assembled and ready for gaming:

I know building the above sort of defeats the purpose of Tlinx as it’s not very flexible but for me being able to disassemble the whole thing and pack it easily for transport makes it well worth the while. Packing and carting air around with you is no fun ๐Ÿ™‚

A few points of note, I’m using very small magnets 6mmx1mm these are plenty strong enough to hold the posts and building up, If I find I’m having problems I’ll drop a 2nd magnet on top of the first. The metal piece’s I’m now using (base used old craftknife ends) are square shade cloth holders I cut them into 4 or 2 depending on whether I’m doing corners or mid points, these save me from any polarity issues I might have with magnet to magnet joins, they also allow me to adjust the post locations a little if I need to (read build inaccuracies ๐Ÿ™‚ ), I’ll cover this a bit more in later post :).

If you often travel for gaming or even just have limited storage space check out Tlinx terrain across at WWG :).

Green Tree Frog Clan – Paper Miniatures

I finished the Green tree Frog Clan today this means I’ve finished up enough miniatures to play through to the end of scenario 9 in Song of Fur and buttons.ย  I haven’t added any extra troop types this time although there are two extra musicians. I did create flags for the standard bearer but I don’t like the way they look so I didn’t glue one to my standard bearer but left them on the page as I thought someone might still get some use out of them :).

I have some idea’s and thoughts for some other troop types later on which I’ll add once I’ve finished all the mini’s I need to finish theย  Song of Fur and buttons scenario’s. Below are the pictures of the Green Tree Frog Clan:

Command Group: Standard Bearer, Major and Hero




Turtle Crusher


Musketog’s or Musket Frogs ๐Ÿ™‚


Musicians: Piper, Tambourine Player and Drummer


Toad Rider Cavalry


Onemonkeybeau’s daughter across on the cardboard-warriors forum asked for some Pink frogs. So I did I full set of re-colours to pink of the above frogs:

I learnt a lot doing the re-colours in Inkscape. The biggest issue was that when I changed the gradient fill colours in Inkscpae to the pink scheme I had to also change all the line colours, this was much more time consuming as I had to click every object and adjust the line colour. In future I’ll set all the line colours using a gradient with the same colour at both ends to make re-colours much faster and easier. I have now set the above frog files up in that manner and I can produce any colour I like very quickly :).

The files are below, as usual you will need to rename the GSD files after you download them (feel free to grab some bases from Onemonks site):

Green Tree Frog Page 1 – PDF

Green Tree Frog Page One – GSD

Green Tree Frog Page 2 – PDF

Green Tree Frog Page Two – GSD

Green Tree Frog Page 3– PDF

Green Tree Frog Page Three – GSD

Pink Versions:

Pink Tree Frog Page 1 – PDF

Pink Tree Frog Page 2 – PDF

Pink Tree Frog Page 3 – PDF

I’ll get the turtles laid out as quickly as I can, until then have fun :).

Fat Dragon Games Medieval Cog โ€“ Papercraft Build

To go with the pirate bears I really wanted some sort of ship. It’s never explicitly called for in the fur and buttons scenario’s but I thought it would look cool. I didn’t really want to design and build something myself at this stage and as I knew of several card model ships around the net I had a look at what was available. I eventually settled on the Fat Dragon Games medieval cog.

I ended up making a few modifications and changes to the Cog (I can’t leave anything stock ๐Ÿ™‚ ). The first change I made was to cut a 1nch length out of the hull, I wanted to shorten the ship by 2 inchs but wasn’t sure what sort of impact that would have on the overall design so settled on a safe 1 inch shorter.

While I had been checking around for other card ships I had stumbled across this (One Picture below):

I really liked the rear stern-castle design so I decided to modify the stern-castle on the FDG Cog to emulate the above. First up I worked out the length of the rounded walls and bashed these from the existing stern-castle walls. I was able to keep the front wall of the stern castle as it was. Next was to design the floor insert for the floor of the cabin and glue it into place. Once this was done the stern-castle was glued to the rear deck:

Next was the angled top for the rounded stern-castle.ย  I made the topper 7inchs wide at the front approximately 6inchs long down each side and about 3 inchs across at the rear. As these were all straight piece’s bashing them up from the existing stern-castle top was very easy. The worst mistake I made was to use matte board to reinforce the floor of the stern-castle, matte board and PVA glue don’t like each other at all and the floor cupped quiet badly. It’s not very noticeable in the picture:

I am pretty happy with how the rounded Stern-castle turned out. Next I added a removable crows nest so I could still swap the sail over if I wanted, this turned out to be very easy. The crows nest is approximately 3×3 inchs but shaped like an Octagon, the walls are modded from the fore-castle walls. A small hole cut in the middle lets me slide it down the mast and it holds in place very well:

Last mod I made was to add the Bear skull and crossbones to the sail, but you can see that in the finished pictures below:

Even though it’s a bit the wrong century and my printer was playing up hence all the interesting colour variation, Captain Longfur and his pirates are very happy with their new Cog:

I seem to be able to share the bashed files, big thanks go’s to Tom for allowing this with his files. You’ll need to head over to Fat Dragon Games to buy the cog first so you can make use of the files. All the modified imagesย  inside my files remain the property of Fat Dragon Games:

Forum Board Link – Yep you’ll need to login to get them ๐Ÿ™‚

For anyone needing a smallish vessel for there gaming needs you can’t go past the FDG Cog.

Anyways back to laying out those frogs ๐Ÿ™‚

Pirate Bears – Paper Miniatures

I’ve finally finished the Pirate bears that I need so I can finish Scenario 7 in Song of Fur and buttons. It’s been bit of long time between posts but I’ve been working on several things in tandem which has slowed me down a little but less risk of project burn out. I have expanded the troop types a little so that in the long term I can use the pirate’s as a general full faction for Song of Blades and Heros. I haven’t had a chance to stat up all the additional troop types yet so for the moment no stats but I will get to it.

I have tried as much as possible to give the pirates a ragtag appearance, so they are equipped with different looking muskets and clothes. I’m planning on using the fanciest sawshbucklerette (the one above on left) as a female pirate captain if I need one. I was a little stuck for musicians in the end the banjo player and Sea Shanty singer worked out unfortunately the Harmonica player didn’t look like anything. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say:

1st Mate Shagpile, Captain Longfur and a Banner bearer

Three Swashbucklerettes

Banjo player and a Sea Shanty Singer

Hulking Brutes, wielding small cannons

Cutlass Pirates

Musket Pirates

With these out of the way I’ll get onto the Frogs and Turtles, I’ve finished drawing both sets I just (can’t believe I said just ๐Ÿ™‚ ) need to lay them out, create the GSD files and then test build them all. The files are below, as usual you will need to rename the GSD files after you download them (feel free to grab some bases from Onemonks site):

Pirate Bears Page 1 – PDF

Pirate Bear Page One – GSD

Pirate Bears Page 2 – PDF

Pirate Bear Page Two – GSD

I’ll get those frogs done asap ๐Ÿ™‚

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WWII Project First Release


B-tech Buildings Five


Design Victorian era City


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