A list of what I’m trying to work on at the moment. Anything in blue is a current active project, either being worked on, planned or parts are being gathered. Sometimes a project can fit under more than 1 category, I tend to work on these first as they allow me to progress multiple hobbies.


  • Heroquest box

Paper Modeling

  • No projects


  • Complete remakes of Heroquest expansions

Miniature Painting

  • Paint 3d prints of heroquest mini’s


  • nil


  • Sort through more photo’s and post to wikimedia commons

3d modelling

  • Various


  • Minetest


  • Hooked on Loz at the moment.


  • Finish Office under the stairs.

3d Printing

  • Heroquest

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Project Status

WWII Project First Release


B-tech Buildings Five


Design Victorian era City


Something Different


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