A list of what I’m trying to work on at the moment. Anything in blue is a current active project, either being worked on, planned or parts are being gathered. Sometimes a project can fit under more than 1 category, I tend to work on these first as they allow me to progress multiple hobbies.


  • Army box for lego Republican army for wargaming
  • knockdown bookcase using tusk joints

Paper Modeling

  • Work on WW2 paper Army
  • Complete Fur and Buttons Mini’s and Expand
  • Complete Victorian era terrain
  • Try to work out some form of elven cityscape

Rc Planes/Helicopters

  • Repair Helicopter and buy proper battery charger
  • Build 4x Ugly-stik foam planes


  • Complete Mutant Death Rays and Guns Mod for friday night gaming
  • Complete and upload D&D world of Etena
  • Re-write lego starwars republican army, army list for Defiance
  • Write lego starwars trade federation army list for Defiance
  • Build 2x papercraft Chimera for Sam
  • Complete WWG Hinterland layout
  • Complete WWG New Mayhem layout

Miniature Painting

  • Paint and mod D&D mini’s for main campaign, 6 to paint, 2 to mod
  • Try to paint some more mini’s


  • Work out gluten free Cheesecake recipe

Boardgames/Card Games

  • Continue to spec out Card Game


  • Repair flash on underwater camera or find 2nd hand replacement
  • Sort through more photo’s and post to wikimedia commons
  • Start Carrying camera on walk to work and try and photography something interesting everyday

3d modelling

  • Model Victorian Style buildings


  • No projects


  • Find Cheap Scout miniatures for republican army
  • Start gathering parts for Trade federation Army
  • Complete micro scale pirate project from 05

House Renovations

  • Finish Spare room, 2 power points to move, replace light fitting, paint and replace carpet
  • Install cupboard doors on master bedroom cupboard
  • Get pickets onto front fence


  • Build some kind of cold frame or green house

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B-tech Buildings Five


Design Victorian era City


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