Drawing – Practice

It’s been a while since my last post. I have not been too slack, I’m slowly working on my new mayhem layout in TLX from WWG but I seriously underestimated the amount of work required to build a 4×5 table of parts, which means it’s hard to stay motivated. This post is to show some of my doodles that I’ve been doing to practice drawing, I’d hardly call myself a pro drawer (or even gifted amature) but what I do seems to create reasonable mini’s if I post process them in inkscape a lot. You can see how my Dragon started and then turned out here.

Lately I’ve been very taken with Chuck Whelons style/work, but I’ve also developed a fascination with the artwork from the game Torchlight. The two styles are about as far about as you can get. It’d be nice if you could just download a style of drawing into your head like they do for martial arts on the matrix, but alas I’ll just have to practice.

Here are some of my doodles none of these took me longer than 1-2 minutes to do so there not exactly the 3 day master piece. I figure any practice is better than no practice so I fit in drawing when and where I can. I seem to have less problems drawing solid geometric shapes and architectural type stuff, organics still cause me heaps of problems and heads/faces/hair are a nightmare. On with the embarrassing pictures:

You might wonder why I post these horrifically badly drawn doodles up, I’m hoping over time to see an improvement in my drawing and by cataloguing a bunch of doodles every now and then I get a sort of snap shot in time.

I would encourage anyone who can draw reasonably and has an interest in paper mini’s to give it a shot at making some, after all if you can draw imagine the nice mini’s you could produce.

I’ll continue with my TLX WWG building.

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