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House Renovations – Bedroom Two

Bedroom Two Old and NewIt would appear I’ve been MIA for a long while (other than the Taco post). Rest assured I’m still here and kicking, just been chewing through a fairly hefty renovation job on one of the bedrooms of our house, which I have now thankfully finished.

The Room itself is fairly small (2.2m x 3.4m), as this room backs onto the lounge room and shares a common wall with were we have the TV hanging it added some additional work. A short summary of whats been completed:

  • Additional power sockets added by the TV – this included insuring they were on 2 different circuits. To keep the power in 2 studs only there was also some cable tidy up.
  • Cable channel added behind the wall to keep cables tidy
  • Conduit mounted for speaker cable and speaker cable run.
  • Common wall with lounge room soundproofed/insulated
  • Additional power point added for bedroom
  • Cupboard built in for bedroom
  • Shelving built onto one end of cupboard to maximize space
  • Bedroom door shifted 40cm to the left and changed from full height door to normal height door.
  • server/network (Node Zero) cupboard constructed and power sockets added above bedroom cupboard – this is pending completion.
  • All skirting and cornice replaced
  • Full repaint
  • Carpet still needs replacing

I find it fairly difficult to photograph rooms but hopefully the below gives an idea of whats been done.

Bedroom Two Old and NewLeft Old and Right New

The draw unit in the cupboard is actual a flatpack kitchen draw set, unfortunately I had to hand cut all the draw face plates and build a box to slide the unit into. It does work very well and the kitchen draw slides are much more robust than what you normally find in wardrobes so hopefully I wont have a problem with the draws for a long time.

Bedroom Two DrawersLion drawer handles we wanted labyrinth handles but couldn’t find any small ones

The shelving built onto the left end of the cupboard are also built-in. We left the end closest open so that when you look into the room from the doorway (or out) it doesn’t block sight lines and helps to make the room feel bigger. The unit itself took me about 2-3 solid days to make (curve at the bottom was a bit of a challenge) and each shelf is routed into the back and side to maximize support. Even with that we’ll only use half of each shelf for books and the free ends for ornaments/nick-naks.

Bedroom Two Display shelfIt’s held to the wall with a number of screws in the back and side
Bedroom Two In through the doorLooking in through the door with the temporary curtains drawn

This seems like a really short post for something that I spent close to every spare weekend since February working on. We spent last weekend moving some stuff back into the room so there are now somethings on the shelves and pictures on the walls.

Bedroom Two

I plan on taking a break from house renovations/fixing for a short time so expect to see a bit more paper/wargaming stuff in the next few posts I have a heap to catchup on :).

Repainting the Lounge Room

This was an unexpected project that pretty much cropped up as we had got rid of the nasty wood paneling but it really bought the mould yellow walls and green curtains into stark focus, not much we could do about the heavily stained carpet. I didn’t get a true before photo but below is a photo of what we started with:

As is always the case when repainting, first stop was the hardware shop and the mandatory 2 hour spousal debate about which shade of colour to get and just when you think you both have something you can live with of course a totally different colour catches your eye. In the end we settled on something called Dusky Rose by nippon paints which we then had mixed up in 4 liters of British paints flat base. Below is a picture of the colour card:

I’d recommend to anyone thinking of painting to put the dog outside we ended up with pink paw prints all across the nice chocolate brown lounge. Fortunately as the paint was water based a quick wipe with a damp cloth had the paint removed, although we probably could have said it was a new trendy pattern.

While we waited for the paint to dry we headed to spotlight to get some new curtains. We didn’t really want a christmas theme in the lounge room of green curtains with light pink walls. We found some very nice deep red/claret curtains in spotlight that where full blockout and quiet heavy. We bought three sets to replace the 3 green sets in the lounge room. Although with the both of us knowing about as much about curtains as we do about brain surgery we did forget to buy the string you need to thread through the top that makes them pencil up, but we hung them up anyway and they look much better than green.

The last little job was to hang two new lights on the side wall were the old fake gold ones had been we went with simple round lights. Although neither of us is to hot on the chrome. They were cheap and as the wall they hang on is probably going to be removed in the future when we re-do the kitchen they will do the job for now and certainly look better than the old half broken light fixtures.

Here’s a couple of photo’s of the whole room:

Although this wasn’t an expected project it’s certainly helped improve the look of the lounge room and it feels more like our house (the lounge area anyway) now rather than somewhere we just happen to be living.

I’ll be moving back to one of the three main pending projects now and having a think about what I’ll add as a fourth.

Project Status

WWII Project First Release


B-tech Buildings Five


Design Victorian era City


Something Different


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