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Cardboard Warriors Forum – Paper Miniature Hoards 87 & 88

Jim across at the cardboard warriors forum is taking a short break, while he’s away I volunteered to compile and post the forum hoards. I’ve now compiled two hoards on behalf of the contributors on the board. It should be noted these are not my work, well I did submit the parcel mimics in the Nov hoard:

The Forum hoards are a great way to get started in paper miniature creation so feel free to head over to cardboard warriors forum and submit something :).

The above miniatures as well as a bundle of others can be downloaded from this thread.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Great New Year and I look forward to producing some more paper miniatures in the new year and stay safe if your traveling.

Colonial Bears – Paper Miniatures

I’ve been working on some paper miniatures for Song of fur and buttons. First up are the Colonial bears and the Compsognathus dinosaurs, I also did some honey pot markers. I did these in a different style to the normal onemonk style a more cartoon chibi style. I found them much easier to draw as the style seems to fit more to my naturally inclined drawing style :).

First up are the Colonial Bears, I’ve done the 3 main hero’s plus an extra female heroin. Next up came the Bear infantry carrying rifle muskets and lastly the Bear special infantry. I didn’t do a Colonial Captain but I did one of each of the infantry types with mustache which I’m going to use as Colonial Captains. Below are pictures of each troop type:

Fursworth,  Cuddlesbury, Paws, Fluffyfur

Lady Fluffyfur was added primarily for my wife as she tends to like to play female heroin’s. I see her as the daughter of an important Colonial Bear who is always following our three intrepid bear hero’s even when she’s not supposed to be and helping them out when she can.  Hopefully others will enjoy using her as well, the stats to play her are below:

Lady  Penelope Fluffyfur – Personality
Points 80  Quality 3+ Combat 3
Special Rules: Hero, Acrobat, Fearless Shooter: Medium



Bear Infantry

Bear Special Infantry

I’m going to add a few more troop types once I’ve finished off all the other troops to play fur and buttons through to the end.  Next up are the Compsognathus dinosaurs and honey pot markers:

The above miniatures  cover the first two scenarios in the fur and buttons book. The files are below, as usual you will need to rename the GSD files after you download them.

Colonial Bear One – PDF

Colonial Bear One – GSD

edit: I’ve relaid out the compsognathus and have made 6 honey pots fit on the sheet:

Compsognathus One Improved – PDF

Comp One Imp – GSD

I’ve left the originals below for completeness but the above should be used 🙂

Compsognathus One – PDF

Compsognathus One – GSD

I’ll finish up the remaining troop types needed to play the scenario’s through over the next week or so. A big thanks go’s out to Ganesha Games and Ben who developed and released Fur and buttons as it really is a fun setting for Song of Blades and Heroes.

Bugbears (Onemonk bash) – Paper Miniatures

I needed a little bit of a rest from drawing as I was getting a little bit frustrated with my current attempts at drawing my next paper miniatures. I really like Onemonks bugbears but unfortunately their is only one miniature. Bugbears are one of my favorite fantasy monsters so I decided to do a little bit of modification to the existing miniature to come up with four new ones.

I’m not going to detail exactly what I did as it would take to long a post 🙂 . I worked on each variant for about 1-2 hours each trying to make sure I hadn’t corrupted Onemonks artwork to badly and that the fronts and backs still aligned. I ended up with a Gimp file over 2gig in size when open and something around 200 layers for the 4 miniatures , the old computer was really starting to chug at the end. I constructed a:

  • Spiked stick club version, the club was borrowed from a troll,
  • A round mace version taken from Onemonks weapons sheet,
  • A dual weilding axe bugbear, existing axe plus one from the weapon sheet,
  • And a longbow wielding bugbear, I’m unsure if bugbears use bows but it looks good.

I had fun making these as I find bashing and modding much more relaxing than drawing, probably the most disappointing piece is the rear of the shield arm it just looks a little odd, but overall they look okay and the edits are hopefully not to obvious. A picture of the finished  bugbears:

Once again a big thanks to Onemonk for allowing us to mod his figures and change them around. I’ll definitely be putting these into Onemonk’s hoards once they are back up and running.

The GSD and PDF are below, As usual if you save the GSD rename it to .gsd rather than .odt:

Paper Miniature Bugbear(Onemonk mod) – PDF

Bugbear – GSD

Have fun with them.

Chromatic Dragons – Paper Miniatures

This was a little bit of a cheat project as I simply used the dragon from the below Elven Dragon rider miniature and re-coloured them the five evil dragon colours.

I did spend a little bit of time messing around with the re-colours as I didn’t want to have to create and export each colour from Inkscape to Gimp and then texture up the missing parts. I ended up creating a pile of layer masks for each of the main components on the dragon  body, wings and chest, Then I simply desaturated the color from the dragon and overlaid a new layer of the colour I wanted. I ended up with some minor pixels in some locations a bit of an odd colour but on print out they are invisible. A shot of all five dragons built up:

The GSD and PDF are below, As usual if you save the GSD rename it to .gsd rather than .odt:

Chromatic Dragons Paper Miniature – PDF

Chromatic Dragon Paper Miniature – GSD

Anyways hope some poor adventurers get toasted 🙂

Elven Alliance Dragon Rider – Paper Miniatures

I’ve been working on putting together a Elven Alliance Army using Onemonks Elven Alliance paper miniatures/standees. I always liked the Dragon rider from the old warmaster High elven army and no elven army is complete without a dragon rider. So I drew a dragon and then combined one of Onemonks existing elves with my dragon, it turned out pretty good and it’s the first standee were it almost turned out as I visualized it in my head .

First up was to draw a dragon, I looked at the old warmaster mini and used that as the base for my drawing. I did change a few things like the front leg being way up in the air. After redrawing a resizing the drawing a few times I ended up with the below:

It wont win any prizes or drawing contests but it provided me with a base to use to start drawing in Inkscape. I began tracing the above in Inkscape and made a few changes as I was tracing the drawing in: thickened the body, made the wings flatter as I planned to do a 2.5D model rather than flat, Redraw/modified the legs and feet, actually drew a hand. I’m not sure why but I can draw passable hands/claws in Inkscape but on a piece of paper no luck. I coloured the dragon as far as I could in Inkscpae but due to all the complex curves etc I could not colour as far in inkscape as I normally do. I was very careful with the colouring this time and used high contrast shades as I was pretty disappointed with the Chimera shading. Below is the final export from Inkscape, you can see all the parts that were assembled later in Gimp. I also did a test build at this point just to check everything worked as expected:

After importing the exported file to Gimp I broke each component onto it’s own layer and then begin the task of colouring and finalizing the pieces. First up was the body shading which was done by doing an ever shrinking mask of colours for the body and flood filling these masks with lighter shades of blue. Once all the layers were coloured I blurred them all and then combined. This step was extremely fiddlly as I had to find a compromise between to light and to dark. Next up was the reverse side of the wings which compared to the above was a very easy; apply drop shadow each layer and assemble the layers in order. This bought the dragon step to completion:

Now I needed to add the rider. First up I rechecked the sizing of the dragon compared to rider and checked that on my craftrobo cut template. I had a little bit of space and as the dragon was looking a little puny next to the rider I scaled him up by 10%. Next was to assemble a rider, using all three of One monks Castailian Knights I manged to assemble a complete (very close) Knight with no weapon. Next I grabbed a pike from the elf pikeman set and shortened it’s handle and lengthened the shaft a little, I also added a larger hand protecting cone similar to what you see on jousting sticks. Lastly I grabbed a shield from the elf Javeliners as it seemed more appropriate for a Dragon Rider. After fiddling around with the above parts and using the most minimalistic additions so that edits are hopefully not obvious I ended up with a workable Dragonrider.

Adding the Rider to the back of the dragon was simply a matter of sorting the layers in the correct order and erasing parts or pieces of parts that couldn’t be seen. Lastly I layed the Rider out onto a page and created the Craftrobo GSD cutting file. As it turned out I had scaled the dragon up a hair to much so The elfs head just pokes out of the cutting area but it’s an easy 2cm curve to cut by hand. Final print/assembly/Test cut and I ended up with the below:

Pretty Happy with how it turned out, I would recommend using at a minimum the 50mm pill shaped base, better is a 40/50mm square either way glue the dragon into the base permanently. You’ll definitely need to add some weight to the base to make it 100% stable, ie magnetic bases or cut your own from magnetic sheet . I will release the Dragon as a separate standalone mini later, I need to figure out an easy re-colour method (a post/project for another day). A big thanks go’s to Onemonk for allowing people to use and mod his existing models. The GSD and PDF are below, As usual if you save the GSD rename it to .gsd rather than .odt:

Elven Alliance Dragon Rider – PDF

Dragon Rider – GSD

I hope some other people get some fun out of this standee.

Chimera Monster – Paper Standee

I decided to try my hand and designing a chimera paper standee. I just about bite of more than I could chew :). The chimera is really four different critters all rolled into one and I struggled a lot with drawing the lion and dragon parts of the chimera. Before I started drawing the Chimera I hunted around the net for some inspiration in the end I used this picture along with D&D Chimera mini and picture in the 4ed monster manual to provide inspiration.

Then I started drawing, I ended up with piles of failed dragon,lion heads and wings. I followed quiet few tutorials over at Dragoart and in the end between their and plenty of practice I ended up with about 5 different okay looking drawings. I scanned these in and then traced them in inkscape. After assembling the drawings in inkscape I ended up with the below (colour was added just to stop me getting confused):

I had not digitized the wings or the tail at that point. I finished drawing a set of wings I was happy with and also lengthened the legs a little. I also changed the lion from having a close mouth to a roaring/biting mouth, The 2nd picture below also show’s the mini in an almost completed colouring state:

As you can see the colouring really helps make the mini look much better. There are plenty of things I’m not happy with on the drawing but if I waited until I got everything perfect I’d never get anything done, plus practice makes perfect…or so they say :). Once I had a front I was happy with I proceeded to create a matching rear. I do apologize for the spartaness of the rear side but I was a little burnt out after all the effort I had to put into the front of the Chimera. I decided to do a version of the Chimera rampant as well and below you can see the two types side by side. As I can fit 3 of each type to a page I have also done a blue and green dragon coloured version:

I pushed the brightness and contrast up a little after the above test ones were printed and cut as they seemed a little to dark on print out. The GSD and PDF’s are below you can also find the finished mini’s on the static papercraft page:

Chimera Paper Standee – PDF

Chimera Page1 GSD file

Chimera Page2 GSD file

Also avaliable at 4shared as a zip:

Chimera Zip

If they print out to bright let me know and I’ll upload a more toned down version.

Expansion One Fox Army – Paper Standee

I decided to finish up some of the paper fox army standees (Original post here) I had been working on before Annette’s back relapsed badly. I finished up the Pteranodon flyers, Paladins and Clerics. I still have other troop types to finish up but decided to post these up so I feel like I’m getting through the troop types.

First up are the Fox pteranodon riders or the aerial hero’s although these could also be used as just a plain flying unit. I’m not sure I quiet made the stands tall enough but they should be okay for gaming. I did a blue and red versions of the flyers with two slightly different fox poses for the riders. There are four in total and unfortunately I could only fit one flyer to a page. I also included an optional banner post that can be glued on if you need:

Next up are the Paladins and Clerics. The clerics are in plainer gear than the paladins and are wielding hammers or maces I did both a male and female version. The paladins are in nice shiny white armour and are again in male and female version, equipped just with swords:

The files are below, with the gsd files you’ll need to download them and change the file extension to .gsd:

Fox Paladin and Cleric – PDF Fox Cleric and Paladin – GSD

Fox Pteranodon Rider Red One – PDF Fox Pteranodon Rider Red One – GSD

Fox Pteranodon Rider Red Two – PDF Fox Pteranodon Rider Red Two – GSD

Fox Pteranodon Rider Blue One – PDF Fox Pteranodon Rider Blue One – GSD

Fox Pteranodon Rider Blue Two – PDF Fox Pteranodon Rider Blue Two – GSD

I’ve also put a zip together thats up on 4shared, assuming I’ve logged in recently you can grab them all from their. If not grab them individually above.

Fox Army – Expansion one

I plan on making a static paper projects page but that’ll have to wait until later for now back to my other projects 🙂

Core Fox Army – Paper Miniatures

One monk runs a monthly Paper standee figure submission on his website. As I had not submitted anything for a few months I thought I’d try and complete a few standee’s for this months hoard. As it turned out onemonk also offered up a bit of a prize for his months hoard, so I ended up working up a whole core army of standee’s (Which explains why no progress on other projects this month).

I spent a few days a bit stuck for any ideas on what to do for an army I didn’t want to do the normal elf/dwarf/human fantasy armies as these are well covered already. Greywolf offered that anyone could colour his fonts available on his site for the contest. Flicking through the fonts I saw this guy and thought it would make for a nice standee:


Originally I was just going to colour the above and submit it. I started work on colouring the above but wasn’t happy with the result he was to twisted sideways and didn’t look good next to other standee’s. So I decided to redraw the above using the font image above as inspiration. After a bit of work I ended up with the below as a range of figures. I did 3 different hair types to add a bit of variety:

Once I’d finished the above the ideas for different unit types, fell into my head, archers, cavalry on dinosaurs, mages, clerics, etc. I decided to match the troop types up to the HOTT core troop types list, discarding the troop types that didn’t fit in with how I visualized the army:

Paper Fox Army Troop Types

Type Description Fox Resolved
Aerial Heroes Heroes who can fly, or have a flying mount Fox on Teradactyl
Airboats Large flying platforms, like zeppelins N/A
Artillery Powerful, long ranged missile weapons Dino ballista
Beasts Savage creatures, like wolves N/A
Behemoths Elephants, Giants, Dinosaurs, etc. Archers on Brachiosaurus
Blades Well equipped foot soldiers, like the Roman legion Heavy Sword Infantry
Clerics Religious leaders who perform an anti-Magician role Fox Cleric/Monk
Dragons Large, super-intelligent flying creatures N/A
Fliers Giant Eagles or other dangerous flying creatures N/A
Gods Powerful supernatural entities, like Zeus N/A
Heroes Mighty warriors of renown Fox Hero’s
Hordes Endless seas of poorly trained and equipped fighters. Light Sword Infantry
Knights Armored horsemen who charge ferociously into mêlée Heavy Cavalry
Lurkers Creatures that hide in dark places. Water lurkers are a specialised version that live in aquatic terrain. N/A
Magicians Spell casters, sorcerers and conjurers Fox Mage
Paladins Warriors of Great Virtue Fox Paladin
Riders Mounted soldiers who fight with missile weapons in preference to mêlée Light Cavalry
Shooters Soldiers who fight with missile weapons, such as archers and crossbow men Bowman
Sneakers Ninjas and other sneaky assassin types Fox Scouts
Spears Well ordered soldiers fighting in phalanx Fox Spears
Warband Ferocious soldiers who lack discipline but not bravery Possible Wild Fox’s?

Next up was the Longbow men, they turned out looking a little robinhood-ish and I only did 3 different poses and limited the legs to left/right/center. Next was the Light infantry equipped with light chain mail and leather armour. Then I worked up some Light cavalry mounted on dinosaurs with the fox’s wielding short bows. At this point I went back and worked up standard bearers for the 4 troop types designed so far. I did a vertical and Horizontal Standard bearer for each troop type, except the cavalry which got horizontal banners only.

As I’d designed each of the troop types to have a unique look I decided the banners should be of a consistent design to help give the army a consistent look on the table. I used images from the open clipart library as bases for some of the banners but recoloured the images. Some designs I drew myself. I did 8 designs of each vertical and horizontal in red and gold/yellow theme:

Once the banners were done, I designed up a Mage and Hero to give the army some special characters. The last troop type I worked on for the Hoard was a set of pikeman. Once the troop types were done I worked up the craftrobo cutting files and did some test builds of each of the troop types, frustratingly I seem unable to get a consistent result with my cutting files sometimes they cut very accurate and the next time not so accurate.

Below are the test builds of each of the troop types mounted on one monk hinterland bases:

I plan on working on the missing troop types over the next 2 months as well as doing a set in 15mm so I can use them for HOTT/For the Masses. For any who are interested the PDF’s/GSD’s are below if your looking for bases, onemonk has a great set:

Fox Sword Infantry Fox Standard Bearer
Fox Pike Infantry Fox Longbow
Fox Light Cavalry (Red) Fox Light Cavalry (Blue)
Fox Light Cavalry (BannerHolder) Fox Hero and Mage
Fox Banners

For the GSD files below you’ll need to right click save as the files and then rename the extension to GSD rather than odt

Fox Sword Fox StandardBearers
Fox Pike Fox Longbow
Fox Light Cavalry(Red) Fox Light Cavalry(Blue)
Fox Hero_Mage Fox Banners
Fox Light Cavalry(Banners)

Zip File containing all files, hosted on 4 shared so if I’ve forgotten to login in for amonth it maybe unavailable (sorry):

Fox Army Zip

Also avaliable over at One monks site in Hoard 60 – 68:

One Monk hoards

I hope you enjoy using the paper fox army. I’ll move back onto my project list now 🙂

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